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What's this about Kentucky River?

          The National Labor Board under the current Bush administration is re-defining certain positions as "supervisory positions" .  The Kentucky River rulings strip thousands of employees of their "right to organize" under the federal protection of the national labor laws.  They're trying to claim that because RNs take "charge" assignments and supervise the patient care activities of others, that they should be considered Supervisors and therefore have no right to organize into a union.  Click on Kentucky River link below for more information. 

      Our Union is attempting to introduce language into our contract to differentiate administrative Supervisors from the bargaining unit nurses' responisibilities for directing patient care activities.  It is hoped that it will protect our unions regardless of the Kentucky River rulings.  It'll be one of the topics we're negociating in this years contract so stay informed and pay attention to any press associated with these rulings. 

      There are activities being planned on state and national levels to combat this legislation as well.  You can help by contacting your Representatives and Senators to share your opinions on how this affects us.  Check out the AFT homepage for more information on this matter.

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