2008 Our Local Union Report

Welcome to another exciting year of changing administrations (locally and nationally) and opportunities for the "pursuit of happiness" by exercising our political and collective bargaining powers.  It's an open field politically to elect new leadership for our government and for our local union.  Now is the time to get involved in the selection process to assure you have candidates worth voting for! 



What's this about Kentucky River?

There have been some rulings from the National Labor Board that have a direct effect on our right to organize as RNs.  Find out how this affects us at JMH and what we're working on to combat it.

There's a video clip of an editorial from "The Colbert Report" on Comedy Central.  Click on "Recent News" in the left colum to view.


Welcome to our Webpage

    This website has been provided by our union to provide us with information from higher levels of the AFT organization and for us to communicate our local information and issues.  It is up to us to tailor it to our needs and create a forum for the sharing of information and ideas.    (Click on the Heading to view more . . .)