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Welcome to our Webpage

     This website has been provided by our union to provide us with information from higher levels of the AFT organization and for us to communicate our local information and issues.  It is up to us to tailor it to our needs and create a forum for the sharing of information and ideas.   

         It cannot replace our meetings (where the actual decisions need to be made regarding contract negotiations) but we can provide information and contacts to help our local chapter become more effective.  Feel free to browse the site and refer back for news of upcoming meetings and events.  Let me know when you have information to include in our site as well as ideas to keep things interesting.  

      I am Lorry Sullivan, your Web administrator, and my email address is:  I hope to be hearing from you.

     Please log in with your email address and a password at the right upper corner so you can access articles.  Let me know if you have any problem accessing information in this site.