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2008 Our Local Union Report

Welcome to another exciting year of changing administrations (locally and nationally) and opportunities for the "pursuit of happiness" by exercising our political and collective bargaining powers.  It's an open field politically to elect new leadership for our government and for our local union.  Now is the time to get involved in the selection process to assure you have candidates worth voting for!    

We are inviting union members to self-nominate for the open offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Abbey Mihaliak from the OB unit, will be collecting nominations until February 15th for the above offices.  Any offices that have more than one candidate will be voted on by the membership on March 14th.  We will have a general membership meeting on February 18th to introduce the candidates and welcome any new members to the union.  March 28th will be the next general meeting to introduce the new officers and union reps.  We will begin to address concerns from the members in preparation for contract negotiations this summer.  Please get involved and work with us to make our hospital the best place to come to work.  Stay tuned through this website and your unit representatives.